Cao Bang is a mountainous province situated in the northeast of Vietnam. It shares the border with Tuyen Quang and Ha Giang on the west, Bac Kan and Lang Son in the south. It also has common international border with Guangxi Province of the People's Republic of China. As a result, Cao Bang’s location enables it to be involved in many phases of the country’s history and to be an important administration unit nowadays. 

    Having a cool weather and a plethora of beautiful sights, Cao Bang is a wonderful place to discover. Tourists can easily be entertained there by visiting the famous Thang Hen Lake in Tra Linh, Nguom Ngao Cave in Trung Khanh. In addition, as headquarters of the Vietnam army before the August 1945 Revolution, Cao Bang has several historical sites in which Ho Chi Minh lived and worked such as Pac Bo Cave, Coc Bo Cave, Lenin Stream, and Khuoi Nam Stream. All of them are no doubt the favorite destinations of many modern travelers.

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